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Verity: Raising awareness of the PCOS charity

Pro-active comms and marketing to help improve knowledge of a common health condition


Verity is run by a team of volunteers and is financially reliant on membership fees and donations, therefore all activity had to be very focused for maximum return for the least investment.  The branding was outdated, awareness in the media was sporadic and confusing and membership numbers were stagnating.  The main goals were to turn Verity into a solid charity rather than a self-help group, attract new members, raise awareness of PCOS and improve the bottom line.


The first mission was to entirely re-brand the charity, making it more fresh and professional.  Social media channels were launched to enable the charity to better connect with existing and potential members.  A blog was introduced to provide individual voices for the trustees whilst simultaneously creating a window into how the charity operates and the work it does.  Undertake pro-active and re-active media relationships to build and maintain relationships and consistent visibility.


Verity and PCOS now holds a visible profile across print, radio, television and online.  Print coverage includes The Guardian, The Times, Marie Claire, Red, Cosmo and The Daily Mail.  Radio coverage includes BBC Radio 1, Radio 4, Radio 5, and LBC.  Television coverage includes Sky Living, Channel 4, iTV, BBC One and Channel 5.  Verity manages an active online community of more than 15,000 women and website traffic has doubled and conversation rates increased by more than 50%.

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