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The Social Media Portal (SMP) is a news and information directory mapping all aspects of social media globally.  SMP showcases social media technology with the free resource benefiting academics, advertisers, businesses, marketers, PRs, researchers and more.

What we do for SMP

Elemental services diagram for the Social Media Portal (SMP) including digital marketing, media relations, news engine SEO, online PR, public relations, SEO and social mediaSMP is a project created by Elemental.  We launched it in 2007 and maintain its presence to this day.  We manage media relations, PR, search and social media channels for SMP in addition to writing news articles that aggregators, directories and search engines syndicate.

In addition to this we manage direct marketing for the brand including establishing partner relations with publishers and conference organisers.

To learn more about what we do for SMP, check out our case study.  If you're interested in learning more about how we could help your brand, get in touch.


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