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100K integrated Complete Control campaign by DSVR to launch

100K integrated 'Complete Control' campaign for Design servers (DSVR) to launch across print and internet media for first UK promotion

27 November 2002, London, UK ---- Designer Servers (DSVR) web hosts for the design and development community, are to aggressively push their ‘Complete Control’ 100K integrated campaign. It starts with an imaginative first full page ad designed to break away from the tired advert formula in their sector, to catch the eye and raise a smile, while still getting their message across. The ad will feature “Colin & Sophie”.

The first Designer Servers UK campaign led and created by design and web development agency Egovision, soft launched its promotion in early November 2002 on new media and technology led websites. In addition to this, Designer Servers attended Internet World 2002 in London earlier this year, and Manchester last week to begin their direct marketing strategy.

As part of a more engaging campaign, Designer Servers adopted a more tongue in cheek approach in targeting a predominately design, development and technology based audience. The sustained campaign captures the essence of possessing more control over a web hosting environment, creating, building and raising the awareness of choosing a more robust and cost effective hosting solution that delivers the required level of control.

The new advertising goes live as of 15 November 2002, targeting online websites New Media Age, Revolution Magazine and The offline print media advertising begins towards late October 2002, initially appearing in Create and Internet Works for 12 months, also evolving around the Colin & Sophie theme.

John Lyons, Interactive Director at Egovision explains, “Designer Servers were looking to refresh their general identity to go hand-in-hand with new technologies that were being rolled out to their clients. Primarily web designers, developers and professionals are being targeted, enlightening them to maintain ‘Complete Control’, whilst having flexibility of their web hosting environment.

The campaign was designed to convey this in an eye catching and innovative way. We did this by offering an ironic twist on the unusual use of sex in advertising for this sector. The first ‘Ride the Pony’ advert is one of a planned series of advertising features all centered on the characters of Colin & Sophie.”

Tim Wills, Commercial Director at DSVR comments, “We required an integrated campaign both off and online, taking our offering to our target audiences in a memorable and humorous way, but one that ‘quickly’ brought the message home. The campaign focuses on the key feature of Designer Servers – ‘Complete Control over all your essential hosting requirements’ – a selling point that many ISP’s claim to offer, but few really deliver.”

Wills adds, “Depending on how the campaign progresses, we will be exercising a further 100K from our budget, to support and enhance promotions with a range of other integrated approaches. We have already started this process with the re-design of the Designer Servers website, which has just launched. Expect more exciting installments from Colin & Sophie soon as the campaign is refreshed and enhanced to ensure its longevity throughout 2002-2003.”


----Notes to editors----

Photographs are available of the Egovision team.

The media spokespeople for Egovision within the UK is John Lyons and Nick Wills, Interactive Director and Creative Director respectively.

Creatives, designs and so are available of the DSVR and Egovision campaign.

About DSVR

Designer Servers Ltd (DSVR) was founded in 1998 with the aim of providing flexible, powerful, yet easy to use hosting solutions to the web design industry. Almost four years later, with over 2000 clients and hosting over 85,000 domains, they have been successful.

DSVR developed utilising proprietary "Virtual Server" technology to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The advantage we have over other hosting companies in the UK is that none of them offer true virtual servers offering the user the configurability and control of the hosting environment that the designers and developers require.

About Egovision

Egovision has been producing critically acclaimed multimedia presentations since 1996. They have continued to produce both stylish and functional product for clients with various requirements and budgets. Egovision prides itself on its diversity of personnel, building a core team from disciplines including design, computer programming and architecture.

Egovision's clients include:

All England Soccer Development School, BBC, BT, BUJ Architects, Charles Russell Solicitors, Coleman Street Ward, Employment, Law Association, FT, Ionark, JAMES BAREHAM Photographer, JBA Public Relations, Music Mall, NACORE Europe, Nasser Hussain, Regus London Film Festival, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Sciencefaction, Simon Hughes MP, Steel Construction Institute, The Anaphylaxis Campaign.

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