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Press releases the First Dating Agency to Offer InstantFlirt Events

01 May 2003, London, UK the First Dating Agency to Offer InstantFlirt Events

Move Over Speed Dating, the Next Level of Dating is Already Here. the First Dating Agency Kick-Starts InstantFlirt, one of the UK's fastest growing online dating services, has teamed up with InstantFlirt presenting a new and exciting way of dating.

The InstantFlirt unit is an innovative and fresh way of meeting new people and is very simple to use. When you arrive at an event you are handed an InstantFlirt unit. This contains the profile details of everyone in the bar or club, that night. Within a couple of minutes your own details are added and you are ready to go.

Once you see someone you like, you simply punch in the FlirtNumber, and you can see their full details, and find out a little about them before making your move. You can send messages to anyone else via the unit and one of the house-rules is that you have to arrange to meet via the InstantFlirt. This means that women aren’t approached by men they are not interested in, and men won’t approach women in the knowledge that they may be turned away, as both have agreed to meet via the unit. You hire the unit for the night and hand it back in at the end.

The trend is set to grow quicker than speed dating because the technology lends itself to lively consumer environments. There are no fees for messages sent or received, and participants don't have to give out any personal information at the event. will be the first dating agency to launch nights and events with an exclusive InstantFlirt partnership. Trials initially commence in Birmingham, London, Nottingham and Manchester, with growth into the other major cities to follow shortly

Steve Hayward, Technical Director at explains, “The problem with Speed Dating is that you have to speak to everyone of the opposite sex, even if you don’t think you may be compatible. InstantFlirt gives you the choice of only meeting the people you are interested in and so, you spend more time with people who know you already have some affinity with."

Speed Dating nights don’t allow you to take friends along unless they participate which can make for awkward social situations with people having to arrive, socialise and depart on their own. At an InstantFlirt night you can bring as many friends as you want, and they can help you choose who to meet, which is great fun. This makes InstantFlirt a lot more sociable and natural."

Steve Hayward, adds, “InstantFlirt is set to be the biggest phenomena in the dating sector in recent years, and will overtake the popularity of Speed Dating. It is the next stage in interactive dating and the service is better suited to clubs, pubs and similar venues where the functionality of the handsets allow matching and interaction to be more dynamic.

With Speed Dating you are taking pot-luck with the people you talk to, whereas InstantFlirt uses the latest technology, to help you match your profile with the most compatible people in the venue."

----Notes to editors----

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the team.

The media spokesperson for is Steve Hayward, Technical Director at

InstantFlirt dates are available at

About is now one of fastest growing online dating agencies worldwide, with over 70,000 users within the UK, attracting 300 new registrations daily.

Acknowledged as one of the most technologically advanced websites, it uses very advanced but simple, search 'algorithms' unique to - which basically means two-way searching and whereby the profile criteria of the searcher (likes, dislikes, physical characteristics and personal preferences, etc) is compared to that of every suitable candidate in the database, and vice versa.

About InstantFlirt

The new way to flirt:
InstantFlirt is set to be the new way to flirt in venues all over the UK. It’s simple, gives a venue a real boost – and doesn't cost the organiser anything. InstantFlirt just need space to set up the promotional stand and hand out leaflets. Punters will then get flirting – by hiring the world's first InstantFlirt handset.

Theme nights:
With InstantFlirt organisers can set up unique theme-nights. Whether it’s singles nights, student events or even a private FlirtParty, InstantFlirt makes a venue the place to be.

Club nights:
InstantFlirt transforms a dance venue. The dance floor can communicate directly with the DJ and the organiser can interact with their clubbers. The possibilities are endless.

InstantFlirt offers a new and unique range of sponsorship and promotional opportunities. It can deliver brand awareness directly into audiences' hands and, using InstantFlirt' s unique communication system, create real-time offers and run competitions. What's more – venue will benefit from free local advertising and extensive PR.

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