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DSVR Launch New VS150 Smaller Entry-Level Virtual Server

21 July 2003, London, UK

DSVR Launch New VS150 Smaller Entry-Level Virtual Server

Designer Servers [DSVR] are to Launch New Their VS150 Smaller Entry-Level Virtual Server

Designer Servers [DSVR] the specialist host for the web design and development community, are to launch their new Virtual Server, the VS150 later this month.

The smaller entry-level Virtual Server will have 150MB of disk space, and will come with a generous 5GB of monthly bandwidth allowance. The official release date for the VS150 package is on the 21st July 2003, with price of £170 per year.

Tim Wills, Commercial Director at DSVR explains, “In response to calls for smaller and more economical virtual servers, we are delighted to introduce our new entry-level professional hosting package. The new VS150 is ideal for web designers, developers and resellers to host multiple domain names, web sites, FTP logins and email addresses. The VS150 brings web professionals all the power of our most popular virtual server solutions, including a dedicated Apache webserver, Sendmail, and 150 unique User ID's, but at a price within reach of even the tightest budget.”

Designed to fit in to the VS family of servers between their FreeVS20 and the best selling VS300 Virtual Server, the VS150 is an entry level virtual hosting package with the ability to host multiple sites on one account.

Wills adds, “This is a low cost entry-level product ideal as an introduction to a virtually hosted provision. It’s packed with all the features of a fully fledged offering, at a cost of a single site hosting package. It's targeted at small web development agencies or customers who are just breaking in to the virtual hosting arena and need high performance at an affordable price.”

To celebrate the launch of the VS150, DSVR will be running special offers through their website at: A chance to win one of ten VS150s, free for the first year.

Anyone ordering a VS150 before the end of September 2003 can order a UK domain name and TrustedMail, their virus and spam protection system, for free*.

*2 years domain charges and 1 year TrustedMail subscription charge (for 1 domain, 1 mailbox) will be waived.

Full details of these offers are available on the Designer Servers website at:


----Notes to editors----

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the DSVR team.

The media spokesperson for Designer Servers within the UK is Tim Wills, Commercial Director at DSVR.

To find out more about the VS150 visit:

About DSVR

Designer Servers (DSVR) offer a range of hosting solutions designed specifically for Web Professionals.

Designer Servers Ltd (DSVR) was founded in 1998 with the aim of providing flexible, powerful, yet easy to use hosting solutions to the web design industry. Now over four years later, with almost 3000 clients and hosting more than 100,000 domains, they have been successful.

DSVR developed utilising proprietary "Virtual Server" technology to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The advantage they hold over other hosting companies in the UK, is that none of them offer true virtual servers offering the user the freedom and flexibility to configure and control the hosting environment, which the designers and developers require.

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