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DSVR push integrated PR with Elemental

Designer Servers (DSVR) hosts for web design and development professionals to push public relations with Elemental

20 December 2002, London, UK ----
Designer Servers (DSVR) specialists host for web design and development professionals are to push public relations with Elemental. The campaign will commence immediately and will run for an initial period of six-months. The public relations will work alongside off and online advertising currently being undertaken by the design and web development agency Egovision.

Tim Wills, Commercial Director at DSVR comments, “Elemental has been appointed because of their vast experience in trade and specialist new media, IT and computing publications that our target audience read, especially online. They also have a comprehensive understanding of the virtual hosting technology, products and services that DSVR offers, and were quick to grasp what is required for this niche industry.”

Elemental is a public relations consultancy that works with traditional and interactive media, and will connect with DSVR's target audience, who are computing and IT professionals, from freelancer to IT teams in organisations from the web design and development community in an integrated campaign.

Tim Gibbon, Founder and Account Director at Elemental comments, “This account provides Elemental with the opportunity of working with a web and server host that is using the best breed of technology in a vibrant sector. What is surprising is that DSVR are using exciting off and online marketing to present the new products, services and brand in a refreshing way. Using really clever and new unconventional ideas via Egovision enables Elemental to communicate interesting campaigns that go against the norm for this sector which usually very conservative.”

The campaign will be focused within the UK where DSVR target audience is based. Due to the community driven spirit of DSVR’s customer base, Elemental will be carrying out integrated PR, supporting the off and online marketing initiatives that DSVR will be undertaking.

“We will be focusing upon connecting press releases to the key media as well as ensuring that DSVR’s voice is heard in specialist articles and features in a sector that is normally perceived as being relatively unsexy. Elemental will also be assisting Egovision in selecting appropriate advertising” concludes Gibbon.


----Notes to editors----

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the Elemental team.

The media spokesperson for Elemental is Tim Gibbon, Founder and Account Director at Elemental.

About DSVR

Designer Servers (DSVR) offer a range of hosting solutions designed specifically for Web Professionals. Designer Servers Ltd (DSVR) was founded in 1998 with the aim of providing flexible, powerful, yet easy to use hosting solutions to the web design industry. Now over four years later, with almost 3000 clients and hosting more than 100,000 domains, they have been successful.

DSVR developed utilising proprietary "Virtual Server" technology to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The advantage they hold over other hosting companies in the UK, is that none of them offer true virtual servers offering the user the freedom and flexibility to configure and control the hosting environment, which the designers and developers require.

About Elemental

Elemental was founded in April 2001. The energetic consultancy delivers integrated multi-channel public relations and strategic marketing development services for predominately SMEs, whilst consulting for traditional and digital consultancies and agencies. Elemental is also retained by corporate organisations to consult on communications, e-business and digital PR.

Elemental is built and operates upon the premise of the Internet, which it believes is to inform, educate, enlighten and share. Elemental strives to adhere to building blocks of these principles, blending them into very core of its communications and public relations activity. Integrating communications is the pivotal to the way Elemental conducts itself.

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