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Eyetracker and WebtraffIQ partner

Eyetracker and web analytics and metrics agency WebtraffIQ partner

30 September 2003, London, UK ---- Eyetracker the company that measures and tracks eye movements] and WebtraffIQ the web analytics agency has partnered. The partnership provides website owners with more relevant usability information by bringing the technologies together.
Eyetracker the service that tracks both the conscious and unconscious movements of peoples eyes have signed a mutual agreement with WebtraffIQ, bringing the capabilities of both organisations together, offering a new proposition to potential and existing clientele.

The Eyetracker Bureau Service measures the effectiveness in gaining and/or holding the viewer’s attention. Using the latest micro-technology the Eyetracking Unit sits below the screen and unobtrusively locks on to the viewer’s pupil. The data gathered from the eye behaviour is applied to increased efficiency and effectiveness of:

  • Web / Intranet sites
  • Printed information, including adverts and product packaging
  • Animations, TV, video and film
  • Live events e.g. in-car simulation

WebtraffIQ encapsulates, measures and analyses online and offline user behaviour, in real time. This includes offline activity such as television, press, radio, cinema, outdoor marketing and online activity such as partner/referrer click-throughs, banners, links, email and viral marketing. This measured activity addresses path analysis; including drop-off points and effective paths to completion of the required business Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] such as overall website activity, downloads and sales achieved.

Iain Janes, Director, at Eyetracker explains, “Combining the services offered by WebtraffIQ and Eyetracker means that clients can now objectively see user reactions to design and structure of websites and marketing initiatives. Organisations that take on this service will be leading the way in usability initiatives and will reap the reward of increased sales and website usage. The accuracy of the technology has the ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of the website and marketing navigation, empowering website owners with more actionable options to improve their off and online presence.

Marcos Richardson, European Director at WebtraffIQ comments, “It is important to build upon existing practices within the web metrics industry by creating new internal systems and useful reports. It is also equally important to move forward with these new technologies and embrace mediums that compliment our existing and developing technology.”

“We have enhanced the range of services that we deliver to our clients including geo-location capabilities, and more in-depth targeted e-commerce reporting products and services. We are very pleased to incorporate the newest micro-technology via Eyetracker into our capabilities, to add to an impressive all-round robust web metrics service that challenges off and online marketing and communications objectives”, adds Kevin Hutchinson, Chief Technical Officer at WebtraffIQ.

Iain Janes, Director, from Eyetracker comments, “By measuring the conscious actions taken by users reacting to websites and marketing initiatives via our real-time technology, and subconscious actions by eye movements we will be in a unique position to show where, when, why, how and what people are doing. This will help with the visually impaired, handicapped, new Internet users and overall targeting of campaigns and effectiveness of websites. “


----Notes to editors----

Photographs are available of the WebtraffIQ team.

The media spokespeople for WebtraffIQ are Marcos Richardson, European Director and Kevin Hutchinson, Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

About Eyetracker

What is an Eyetracker Bureau Service?

The Eyetracker Bureau Service allows the tracking of both the conscious and unconscious gaze movements of a subject/viewer on a wide variety of mediums including:

  • Web/intranet sites
  • Printed information, including adverts and product packaging
  • Animations, TV, video and film
  • Live events e.g. in-car simulation

Eye tracking helps to get a detailed understanding of the viewer’s eye behaviour.

About WebtraffIQ

WebtraffIQ is a real-time visitor tracking and reporting analysis product and service for business web sites and e-commerce enterprises. The system has undertaken a four-year research and development-testing period and is used by over 400 individual web sites.

WebtraffIQ provides a campaign tracking service which enables clients to see how various online and offline marketing techniques are working, in effect creating a rich picture of a web site's activities.

WebtraffIQ’s clients include: Business Link Kent, City & Guilds, Eyetracker, Mando Group, Perceptor, Reuters Business Insight, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and Tiscali UK.

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