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Gradwell Appoints Public Relations Consultancy, Elemental PR

July 2004, London, UK

Gradwell Appoints Public Relations Consultancy, Elemental PR

Public Relations Consultancy, Elemental PR, Have Been Retained by Gradwell dot com to Raise Their Brand and Profile

Public Relations consultancy, Elemental PR, has been retained by Gradwell dot com to raise their brand and profile in an integrated campaign.

The campaign begins in May 2004 and will last for an initial period of three months, after which time Gradwell will re-evaluate their need for Elemental PR’s expertise.

Elemental PR will be working with John Lyons, Interactive Director at Egovision and Peter Gradwell of Gradwell dot com. The key target audience throughout the campaign will be B2B trade media, with an available remit to connect with B2C media, with the intent of educating them about new and emerging technology such as voice over IP (VoIP).

Founder of Gradwell dot com, Peter Gradwell, comments, “Elemental PR were chosen because of their knowledge of B2B trade media (especially web hosting and severs) and the ability to understand the emerging technology that Gradwell dot com is developing. We are a company who is geared for growth, and in appointing a public relations consultancy, we were first looking for a team of like minded people who complimented our core values.”

The key message that Elemental PR will focus on during the campaign are that Gradwell dot com deliver cost effective Internet and technical products and services (domains, web hosting, email, VoIP, servers) to SMEs with first-rate customer support.”

Tim Gibbon, Founder and Account Director at Elemental PR comments, “We are very pleased to be working with this account and communicating how the technology what Gradwell dot com are developing works, especially VoIP, which the general public are hesitant to embrace.”


----Notes to editors----

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the Gradwell team.

The media spokespeople for Elemental PR are Tim Gibbon, Founder and Account Director and Rachel Hawkes, Account Executive.

About Gradwell dot com Limited

Gradwell dot com Ltd specialises in providing highly innovative, flexible solutions that are independent of dialup, broadband or leased line Internet providers. The company was founded in 1998 by Peter Gradwell, and is based in the UK.

Gradwell dot com Ltd is a distributed company, operating through the very products and services it sells including VoIP and SMTP email sending. In addition to being experts in their field, they are consumers of their own products and proof indeed that the virtual company does work.

About Elemental PR

Elemental PR, the integrated public relations consultancy, was founded in April 2001. The energetic PR consultancy delivers integrated multi-channel public relations and strategic marketing development services for predominantly SMEs, whilst consulting for traditional (advertising and marketing) and digital agencies and consultancies.

Elemental PR is also retained by corporate organisations to consult on communications, direct and digital PR (also known as Internet PR and online PR), e-business and elements of online marketing.

Elemental PR is built and operates upon the premise of the Internet, which it believes is to inform, educate, enlighten and share. Elemental PR strives to adhere to building blocks of these principles, blending them into very core of its communications and the measurable public relations activity that it delivers. Integrating communications is the pivotal to the way Elemental PR conducts itself.

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