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MarketingSherpa Release Updated Buyers Guide to SEO

11 December 2001, London, UK Release Updated Buyers Guide to SEO

Internet Marketing Publication Release Updated Buyer’s Guide to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Internet marketing publication, today released its updated Buyer's Guide to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which reveals surprising inconsistencies within the UK SEO industry.

Approximately 85% of British Internet visitors rely on search engines such as Google and directories like Yahoo! to find Web sites for their informational, shopping and entertainment needs. Therefore, search engine optimisation and positioning -- the science of getting noticed by search engines -- is critical to UK companies that hope to be found on the Internet.

MarketingSherpa's just-updated its Buyer's Guide to Search Engine Optimisation Firms,, featuring profiles of 17 UK-based search engine marketing firms, including Netbooster, Outrider, Webgravity and WebOptimiser – with an additional information on 26 American firms.

Although all 17 on offer promise the same service to companies - namely to get their products and websites ranked high in search engine results - the Guide reveals substantial inconsistencies in both pricing and standards. Pricing varies from a low of £75 to a high of £100,000. Value for money also varies tremendously; one UK firm being awarded with an "A" for performing high-quality service, using global standards; while eight UK firms received failing grades of D or F.

Danny Sullivan, the British-based editor of, which is read by more than 190,000 marketers worldwide, read the first edition of the guide and says, "The 'Buyers' Guide to Search Engine Optimisation and Positioning Firms,' is an outstanding resource that fills a long-needed gap. There has simply never been this type of comprehensive guide to firms that conduct search engine marketing, and the report is a real must buy for anyone considering outsourcing their search engine marketing efforts."

"The science of search engine marketing has become so complex, that most companies and websites are not able to manage it with internal resources anymore," notes Anne Holland, Publisher at MarketingSherpa. "It's the most cost-effective method of marketing online. However you really need an expert to help you with it. That's why so many new SEO firms are springing up throughout Europe and America. However, buyer beware -- their pricing and their quality varies dramatically."

In addition to profiling 17 UK-based firms, the Buyer's Guide also includes profiles and comparison charts for 26 leading American SEO firms. For more information, go to

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The media spokesperson for MarketingSherpa, is Anne Holland Founder and Publisher at MarketingSherpa.


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