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Press releases First to Offer Geo-Location Dating

01 May 2003, London, UK Becomes the First Dating Service in the UK to Offer Geo-Location Dating

Mobile Users can Now Select Potential Dates on Their Mobile Phones Using New Location-Based Technology Via, one of the UK's fastest growing online dating services, has teamed up with Mobile Entertainment Corporation [MEC] to launch Mobile Dateclub - which enables users to view 'live' pictures of suitable dates at preferred locations anywhere in the UK.

This service is the first of its kind in the UK to offer real time dating based on a user's location. Users can request a date and receive a picture of the most suitable applicant, along with profile information, wherever they may be.

Available via O2 and Vodafone handsets [currently being tested on T-Mobile and Orange handsets], they can choose the most suitable date, and make contact with them there and then - by texting each other [SMS] and/or arranging to meet in person. Participants can start using instantly by texting the special short code set up for this purpose [priced at just £1.50 per dating session].

Steve Hayward, Technical Director of adds, "We're very proud of the fact that is the first UK agency to offer geo-location mobile dating services to its customers. The partnership with MEC in launching complements our existing online dating services perfectly.

Customers will now be able to search for potential partners within the area of the mobile phone itself, but also download photos and chat in real time. It's a very exciting development and a real technological first for the UK. For most users, finding a good match within the same region as them was always hit and miss. We are now able to bring back even more precise results through robust searches, which increases the possibility of our users finding their ideal partner more easily."

Tim Hammond, CEO of MEC comments, "Today's mobile population wants applications that are compelling, useful and save time and this unique dating service will help users find suitable partners quicker than web-based applications."

How the service works:

Lets say a heterosexual female, 27, looking for love and her name is Jane. All Jane does is type DATEGUY JANE 27 and send it to number 82055

The phone then recognises, for example, that Jane is in North London - and will then search its database for all the heterosexual males in the area, by age range, and display their details and photos on her mobile phone.

Jane can then scroll through a list of up to seven potential matches and send them a message, which is sent straight to their phone. They can also pick up their own messages on their phone, or if they prefer log into [with the details they were given after the first search] when they get home, it is possible to view all the messages they have sent and received.

Another bonus of the system is that users can keep a track of dates and messages via their mobile phones and the website, because they are synchronised. They can receive your replies on either - depending on where you are at the time. Whilst on the website users can send additional messages to other people within the database.

There are also additional codes for the gay, lesbian and bisexual community; so a heterosexual male would type DATEGIRL instead, or whatever code is applicable to them to conduct a search.


----Notes to editors----

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the team.

The media spokesperson for is Steve Hayward, Technical Director at

About is now one of fastest growing online dating agencies worldwide, with over 70,000 users within the UK, attracting 300 new registrations daily.

Acknowledged as one of the most technologically advanced websites, it uses very advanced but simple, search 'algorithms' unique to - which basically means two-way searching and whereby the profile criteria of the searcher (likes, dislikes, physical characteristics and personal preferences, etc) is compared to that of every suitable candidate in the database, and vice versa.

About Mobile Entertainment Corporation [MEC]

MEC provides premium branded text messaging, image messaging, multi-media/ games, entertainment as well as full motion video content and is also launching its new Mobile Webcam services at

MEC offers international mobile operators and their customers access to the very best quality premium mobile entertainment content and applications.

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