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My CMS Ate My Business

12 June 2003, London, UK

My CMS Ate My Business

Is Your Business too Concerned With its Backend, to do What it Takes to get Customers Through the Door?

Neutralize (*\*) the Internet marketing agency are to offer content management [CMS] vendors focused packages to integrate search engine marketing [SEM] and search engine optimisation [SEO] into their website design and build.

Neutralize (*\*) are working for a number of major clients who have seven figure investments in their websites, but have neglected the issue of search engine visibility. These services allow the vendors to address this issue up front, and ensure maximum return on investment [ROI] for their clients’ websites.

The visibility of many websites in search engines is fundamentally limited by the implicit architecture of the site. Edward ‘Teddie’ Cowell, Technical Director at Neutralize (*\*) explains why they are taking steps to target and address this sector, “Website architecture is increasingly being defined by the content management system [CMS] chosen. Whilst all CMS vendors focus heavily on the openness of their architecture, ease of content distribution, ROI and so on, very few pay attention to making the end product (i.e. the website) visible in search engines. Simply, the architecture of websites, dictated by CMS systems, is increasingly failing to take account of the need for those websites to be consistently seen within the correct resources.

Neutralize (*\*) are working with an increasing number of clients whose website are almost invisible on search engines – all due to the constraints of their chosen CMS. This is a fundamental failing in CMS vendors helping their clients deliver e-business efficiencies.”

Search engine marketing is increasingly being recognised as a business priority. In too many cases it is bought as an add-on after the site has been developed and launched, this can result in higher costs to the site owner and sometimes difficult implementations or even a major rebuild in order for the website to achieve their objectives. Techniques such as the use of bridging pages offer only limited scope. This can often result in the business failing to address the real issues until months later when they are able to see how ineffective these periphery efforts have been. Sadly, this can result in a large loss of market share and disillusionment within the sector. Neutralize (*\*) aim to deal with this problem at the root level – the vendors themselves.

The CMS marketplace is an increasingly crowded and competitive one. CMS vendors are increasingly looking for differentiation and to ways of broadening their proposition across the enterprise, and this is where Neutralize (*\*) offering fulfils these requirements.

Until recently, vendors have been focussed on IT and user issues such as integration and ease of content distribution. Now Neutralize (*\*) are able to help them address the key marketing requirements of site visibility, revenue and ROI.

Martin Dinham, Business Development Manager at Neutralize (*\*) comments “The Neutralize (*\*) Content Management Vendor Programme provides vendors with the ability to bundle Neutralize (*\*) SEO services as part of their offering to accounts. Neutralize (*\*) will “white label” its services, or work in partnership with CMS and e-commerce system vendors to find best practice solutions for their particular product. They will then market them as an add-on to their clients. This enables the vendors to drive maximum business benefit for their clients, to increase revenue and to move their proposition from the IT department into marketing, offering customers a true competitive advantage for their website.”

Dinham adds, “Neutralize (*\*) services will empower CMS vendors to ensure that they assist their clients in driving maximum traffic through their websites via algorithmic and paid search. Ultimately, it will then enable the client to:

  • Give their company unique competitive advantage in this marketplace
  • Take their proposition into the marketing area from the IT department
  • Increase revenues across the whole product lifecycle

We are currently close to agreement with two major CMS vendors, and two household names in e-commerce systems. Internet World 2003 at London’s Earls Court and the Search Engine Strategies conference were an excellent opportunity to launch and communicate this face to face to many of the vendors.”


----Notes to editors----

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the Neutralize (*\*) team.

The media spokesperson for Neutralize (*\*) is Edward ‘Teddie’ Cowell, Technical Director.

About Neutralize

Neutralize (*\*) - independent online marketing services help businesses understand more about their marketplace and customer base online, optimise their operations to increase website traffic, and utilise performance based advertising techniques such as Pay Per Click [PPC] search engine promotion to deliver positive returns on investment.

UK Premier Affiliate for GoToast the leading bid gap management system, and also an Overture Accredited Search Engine Marketing company. Neutralize (*\*) offer seven years experience in planning and managing traditional search engine optimisation [SEO] and return on investment [ROI] focused PPC campaigns, as branding, sales lead or direct online sales generation vehicles for businesses in the Travel, Retail, Finance and IT sectors.

"It’s about much more than what your website looks like"

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