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NetLingo chooses Elemental for online PR and media relations

Internet Dictionary NetLingo™ appoint Elemental to promote its brand with online PR and media relations for UK and US markets

19 November 2004, London, UK  ---- Integrated public relations consultancy, Elemental has been appointed by US based NetLingo™ to raise its brand off and online.

NetLingo™, the Internet dictionary has appointed Elemental for an initial six-month period focusing upon the UK and US. Consultancy is to commence at the end of November 2004 and will address B2B, B2C and P2P audiences; includes raising the profile of NetLingo’s Creator Erin Jansen.

Erin Jansen explains, “We have appointed Elemental to promote NetLingo™ due to their extensive knowledge of the UK and US markets. They were able to immediately understand our vision and how we wish to communicate this off and online.

It is a very busy time for NetLingo™. We will be offering free use of our NetLingo™ Search Box, getting ready to launch the NetLingo™ e-book and will be starting the first mail outs of NetLingo’s ‘Newsletter of New Internet Terms’. It was vital that we appointed a public relations consultancy that excelled in integrating their communications; and Elemental’s track record speaks for itself.”

Consultancy will involve recommendations in integrating search engine marketing (SEM) and in particular, search engine optimisation (SEO), press release and case study communication and providing on-going media leads to connect Erin Jansen to UK articles and features.

Tim Gibbon, Founder and Account Director at Elemental comments, “Our main focus during the campaign is to raise the profile of the NetLingo™ Search Box, which gives users quick and easy access to the comprehensive NetLingo™ Dictionary. Elemental will be working with NetLingo™ to use a self-perpetuating strategic linking campaign to promote the use of the Search Box, in line with working with key offline media.”

“We will be guiding NetLingo™ and Erin through the three main steps and developments mentioned above, which will ensure that they are introduced to the UK media, and can then build relationships as the rest of their proposition unfolds”, concludes Gibbon.


----Notes to editors----

Photographs are available of the Elemental and NetLingo™ teams.

The media spokespeople for Elemental are Tim Gibbon, Founder and Account Director and Rachel Hawkes, Account Executive.

About NetLingo™

What is NetLingo™? NetLingo™ is a dictionary of Internet terms used in the online world. It began in 1995 as a Web site,, which began tracking hundreds of new words and terms that were emerging on a daily basis surrounding the community and technology of the Internet, the World Wide Web, computers, and the high-tech industries. It acts as a digital reference guide that helps millions of people around the world learn about the most commonly used words, smileys, acronyms and so on, that keep sprouting up on the Internet. Dubbed "the semantics storehouse of cyberspace" NetLingo™ tracks the new vocabulary surrounding the technology and community of the World Wide Web...all of the "net lingo"

About Elemental

Elemental, the integrated public relations consultancy, was founded in April 2001. The energetic PR consultancy delivers integrated multi-channel public relations and strategic marketing development services for predominantly SMEs, whilst consulting for traditional (advertising and marketing) and digital agencies and consultancies.

Elemental is also retained by corporate organisations to consult on communications, direct and digital PR (also known as Internet PR and online PR), e-business and elements of online marketing.

Elemental is built and operates upon the premise of the Internet, which it believes is to inform, educate, enlighten and share. Elemental strives to adhere to building blocks of these principles, blending them into very core of its communications and the measurable public relations activity that it delivers. Integrating communications is the pivotal to the way Elemental conducts itself.

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