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New Media Maze to Launch Trailer Player With New Viral Encode

28 October 2004, London, UK

New Media Maze to Launch Trailer Player With New Viral Encode

New Media Maze to Launch Movie Streaming Product Trailer Player With New Viral Element Encode

New Media Maze, the full-service digital marketing and PR agency, is to launch its online video streaming product Trailer Player with a new viral marketing encode this week.

Trailer Player, developed in-house by New Media Maze. allows movie clips to be delivered to end users in a quick, entertaining and simple way by streaming the movie trailers in Flash.

Trailer Player is user and media owner friendly, detecting the user’s bandwidth and then automatically delivering the appropriate sized video in a user initiated pop up - enabling them to view clips in the best possible light. When the user clicks to watch the trailer, Trailer Player launches in a new window and resizes in a small, medium or large format automatically, with no decision making process required by the viewer, optimising the size of the clip to their viewing window.

Dave Smith, Director at New Media Maze explains, “Trailer Player was developed to provide a simple solution, allowing end users to view trailers online much more easily. It is consumer friendly, saves time and is proving more cost effective for theatrical (film), DVD and games distributors. Trailer Player is easy for media owners to integrate into their websites by simply cutting and pasting a single line of code, and our feedback through live campaigns shows that it accessible through the majority of firewalls whereas video using other players is often blocked.

The trailer streams in Flash, so it’s accessible to everyone, with around 98% of Internet users being able to view the video content. Film companies who, until now have had to encode in Windows Media Player, QuickTime and Real Player, at low, medium and high bandwidths can now cover all users with a single encode. This also means that on web sites where space is at a premium, such as online retailers, the trailer can be launched from a single link.”

One important feature for web publishers wanting to showcase video clips on their sites is that the clips (the file) are hosted on New Media Maze’s server farm, and appear in a non-branded pop-up window, meaning that the publishers incur no hosting costs, and do not lose traffic from their web site.

“We’ve incorporated a new viral ‘send to a friend’ feature which allows users to pause the clip at any point and send the video to their mates. Initial results show a huge uptake of this option. Additionally, we’ve built in the option to visit a microsite once you’ve watched the clip, or simply click to buy cinema tickets or the DVD / game. It’s an incredibly simple feature, but very effective indeed.

Feedback from users has been great so far, especially in regards to with the instant play, cutting out the time required for the video to be buffered. Media owners have found it easy to implement and they don’t pay hosting fees. Distributors reduce costs and time by encoding in one format rather having to deal with three or more,” comments Dave Smith, Director at New Media Maze.

“We see the applications for the format to be transferred easily for various uses; for example online retailers, online review websites, online promotions and streaming interviews where all the website owner needs to do is simply cut and paste some code to use Trailer Player,” Smith adds.

Other New Media Maze clients using Trailer Player format include: Universal Pictures Video (film, special interest and International departments) Momentum Pictures, VCI and Columbia TriStar.


----Notes to editors----

This press release is available in plain text, PDF and Word formats. Photographs of the New Media Maze team are available if required.

The media spokespeople at New Media Maze are the Directors Julianne Reynolds and Dave Smith.

About New Media Maze

New Media Maze is one of the foremost full-service digital agencies in the UK. Founded in 2000 and based in London, the company services a broad range of blue chip clients including some of the most renowned global entertainment companies.

One of the few truly independent full-service agencies, the company provides consumer insight, strategy and implementation services to a broad range of consumer brands and prides itself on its creativity, high service levels, attention to detail and dedication to results.

The agency acts as a one-stop-shop for clients, allowing them to draw on all online marketing services including: PR, advertising, viral marketing, content deals, search engine optimisation and marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing and mobile marketing.

Award-winning creative services include: Advertising creatives, web design, viral production, online video editing and html emails.

Current clients include Acclaim, DreamWorks International, Momentum Pictures, Naked Ambition, Playback, Ubisoft, Universal Pictures, Universal Pictures International, and VCI.

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