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New Media Maze to Promote Van Helsing

30 September 2004, London, UK

New Media Maze to Promote Van Helsing

New Media Maze to Promote Van Helsing with Online Advertising Campaign

New Media Maze, the full-service interactive marketing agency is to promote the DVD and video release of Universal Pictures Video’s Van Helsing.
The interactive campaign for the hugely successful horror movie commences on 1st October 2004 and finishes on 1st November 2004 - falling across the Halloween period. The target audience are teenagers and males aged between 18-35 who are gaming fans and also fans of genres such as action, horror, Sci-Fi, special effects and occult.
The campaign aims to drive pre-orders and sales online and in stores by reminding people of the excitement of the adventure. The creative will raise mass awareness of the special features and DVD extras of the Van Helsing movie, which stars Hugh Jackman (Van Helsing), Kate Beckinsale (Anna Vanerious) and Richard Roxburgh (as Count Dracula).
New Media Maze have brokered an advertising deal with portal to promote the release. The advertising that audiences will be exposed to on will be delivered using a content integrated approach through a range of platforms via their interactive channels. These channels include chat rooms, gaming, mobile content, SMS, email, viral, and entertainment.
The campaign will be supported with online advertising running across Lycos including the use of homepage showcase banners, a new streaming banner format, super banners and skyscrapers. Additionally, the rich media campaign will run across a number of targeted sites including the Sun Online, Channel 4 and Wanadoo.
Michelle Byrne, Account Director at New Media Maze comments, “A full webpage/screen advert has been created featuring high quality video, allowing us to use a large amount of space to create a high impact ad unit. The creative will feature the title's key art, high quality video footage and incorporate the sexy ‘Brides of Frankenstein’ imagery to maximise appeal to the male audience.“
The advert is the first to use a new high quality video advert solution from rich media specialists Tangozebra, specially developed for feature film and DVD campaigns. The ad will launch between two pages of a website. For instance when someone browsing the Sun Online clicks through to the movie section, the advert will launch as a full webpage for approx five seconds before opening the movie section of the site. There will be a ‘skip advert’ link for those who don't wish to watch the ad, but for those interested there will be options to watch the trailer, play games and retailer links for additional product information", explains Byrne.
The deal sees a comprehensive strategy throughout Lycos, for example, the Lycos chat rooms entry doors will be fully Van Helsing branded for the period of the campaign. Within a dedicated Van Helsing chat room; teens can play a ‘Monster Hunt’ game, watch exclusive film clips, select film icons or emotions and win a Van Helsing ‘emote’. Van Helsing will have a strong presence within the Lycos mobile (free mobile content), games section, viral charts, email message tagging and outbound SMS messages.
Aileen Coulsen, Marketing Manager, Universal Pictures UK explains, “Within the Lycos chat rooms users have the chance to win a Van Helsing branded ‘lightening flash’ emote. This will be a unique emote and so give a limited number of winners higher status within the chat rooms. Using a special code, the user can launch the lightening flash in their friends’ chat rooms. This is a creative and unique way of generating mass interest about the release to a focused targeted audience. Other areas of the Lycos site present teens with the chance to win iPods and other cool gadgets. “
New Media Maze is presenting an extremely engaging interactive campaign, promoting the release to teens in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them. Normally, this target audience are least responsive to ‘traditional’ online advertising methods, and so it was necessary to create a campaign that facilitated their own environment. Teens spend the most time chatting to their friends, using SMS and email, playing games etc., so Lycos provides the perfect medium to reach this audience through its range of interactive platforms”, adds Coulsen.
----Notes to editors----
This press release is available in plain text, PDF and Word formats. Photographs are available of the New Media Maze team if required.
The media spokespeople at New Media Maze are the Directors Julianne Reynolds and Dave Smith.

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