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on-IDLE Re-Design Xiril AG Website

19 June 2002, London, UK

Xiril AG Appoint on-IDLE to Re-Design Website and Implement Content Management System

Xiril AG Appoint on-IDLE to Re-Design the Website and Implement a Simple to Use XML-Based Content Management System

Xiril AG, the Swiss high-quality supplier of robotic liquid handling equipment to major laboratory and hospital groups worldwide, has appointed on-IDLE to re-design its corporate website.

Xiril specialises in supplying robotic liquid handling systems and equipment in small to medium-volume workloads for biochemistry, molecular biology, diagnostics and laboratory applications requiring pipetting. (Blood sample testing and analysis to the uninitiated.)

The work will involve the re-design of the existing website around the company’s established corporate identity and product offering. This development is being built on on-IDLE’s fully browser-based XML content management system for specific use by low-end technical individuals, but highly skilled professionals within the company. The development and implementation will take a maximum of three weeks from base design to online implementation due to the revolutionary technology framework on-IDLE works with. The website will go live in mid July 2002, supported by below-the-line events participation and print promotion to European, US and niche market sector organisations.

Heinz Abplanalp of Xiril contracted on-IDLE for this project to solve a problem. With a hectic travel schedule and quick turn-around on market changes there is no time to contract an agency every time the site needs an adjustment, news or additional information – particularly on such a unique product offering. With the customised content management system, Xiril will not need to employ additional web editors and high-skill designers and/or web programmers to keep the site fresh and in tune with customer needs. The browser-based interface allows all this to happen anytime, anywhere and anyplace through a simple and user-friendly editor, designed again to reflect the established company identity.

The re-design will bring focus to new product offerings, the high-quality service and equipment standards of Xiril whilst prompting users to interact on more levels with the company.

Further to this, on-IDLE understand the pressures and speed of modern communication demands in an organisation within the highly competitive medical supplier industry. Heinz Abplanalp commented to the offering, "The offering is good and I think the price is very reasonable - get on with it.”

on-IDLE will give Xiril the ability to communicate with, rather than to its website users – internally and externally to the organisation. The technological advancement, cost-efficiency and well-designed implementation of the on-IDLE solution also reflects well on Xiril’s similar corporate values and quality product offering.

Ané-Mari du Toit, Sales & Marketing Director at on-IDLE, comments, “This is an interesting project for us because of what Xiril is about – this is a high involvement product to a very specialised audience within a highly competitive market. It’s a challenge to communicate the complex product benefits whilst encouraging prospective customers to contact Xiril and browse for more information. I am looking forward to the design execution – simplicity and quality without emulating typically Swiss and conversely clinically clean hospital corridor-type interpretations should be quite a challenge.”


----Notes to editors----

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the on-IDLE team.

An image of a typical Xiril product is also available.

The media spokespeople for on-IDLE are Ané-Mari Peter, Co-Founder and Managing Director and Marc Peter Co-Founder and Creative Director.

About on-IDLE

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About Xiril AG

Xiril specialises in supplying high-quality robotic liquid handling systems and equipment in small to medium-volume workloads for biochemistry, molecular biology, diagnostics and laboratory applications requiring pipetting. (Blood sample testing and analysis to the uninitiated.)

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