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Social media analysis sheds light on the X Factor winner

X Factor Week 7 social media measurement reveals potential X Factor winner


Friday, 25 November 2011, London, UK ---- ITV’s X Factor Week 7, 2011 (series 8) saw television and the live studio audiences taken to the flicks with the Movies theme.


The contestants put on a great show with Little Mix arguably the best performance on the night. This was reflected in how the girl group performed across social media; topping the list of fastest growing contestants with Week 7 (growth of 15.3% [27,000+ fans] during the live shows) and receiving the most YouTube views (80,277 views by the end of Sunday’s show, 20,000 more than Janet). However, it was Craig Colton and contestant returnee Amelia Lily that both had to compete in the sing off, the first time either contestant had been in the bottom two. With the judges failing to make a majority decision it went to Deadlock, the first in the series, which saw Craig, one of the more popular contestants across social media, falling short of the public vote and being sent packing.


Rachel Hawkes, account director at Elemental, the communications consultancy that created The X Factor infographic comments, “Little Mix’s social presence continues to grow each week, and although they don’t have the most fans the size of their online fan base is growing faster than any other contestants. Based on the social numbers Marcus Collins, Amelia Lily and Little Mix have a great shot at being the finalists, but as we’ve seen frequently, is social love isn’t translated into votes, the unexpected can happen.”


Elemental’s X Factor social media infographic continues to demonstrate the impact that social media is having upon live shows and also upon contestants, X Factor’s main social assets, the judges and vice versa.


“Brands, celebrities and programme makers are beginning to see how important social media analysis is increasingly important to better interact with audiences wherever they are. It’s one thing having a social fan base, it’s quite another understanding what they are about and how to tune into what they like and why. Although there are no absolutes in terms of social media determining outcomes, to deny its influence would be unwise,” adds Tim Gibbon, director at Elemental.


“If we are to look at how social media has been playing out for each contestant over the last three to four weeks, Janet or Misha B should be preparing for the worst in Week 8. Since week three and four respectively, both Janet and Misha B have been steadily decreasing in popularity across Facebook and Twitter during live shows each week, receiving less than 10,000 (sometimes less than 5,000) new fans each week. Although we have learnt over the weeks that the size of a fan base doesn’t necessarily equate to votes a clear pattern has emerged about each of the girls popularity across social media over a period of time that can’t be ignored, ” concludes Hawkes.


For full analysis of Week 7 and to keep up-to-date with the latest X Factor social media analysis at the Elemental blog.




----Notes to editors----


The Elemental X Factor infographics are available at or at the Elemental blog. Week 7 may be found here.


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The media spokespeople for Elemental are Tim Gibbon, director and Rachel Hawkes, account director.  Photographs are available of the Elemental team. 


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