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Teletext Promotes New Lifestyle SMS Alerts on its Analogue TV Service With inspireyourlife

20 March 2003, London, UK

Teletext Promotes New Lifestyle SMS Alerts on its Analogue TV Service With

Teletext, the UK’s Largest Leading Teletext Service Promotes New Lifestyle SMS Alerts on its Analogue TV Service With

inspireyourlife™, a unique lifestyle text messaging service, is working with Teletext Ltd, the UK’s leading teletext service, to provide lifestyle SMS alerts. The deal was brokered by SAYCON Ltd, a Mobile Concept Developers and Content Syndication Consultancy Firm, based in Harley Street, London.

The service is powered by Eagle Eye Technology - Content Delivery Platform

The launch of this service coincides with Teletext’s objective to extend their reach and build on the success of its existing SMS services portfolio. At present, offerings in the lifestyle SMS marketplace focus on a limited number of lifestyle issues. Potential subscribers are poorly serviced, leaving a gap in the market for a new range of services that cover a broader array of lifestyle themes.

This brings a new perspective on the nascent lifestyle SMS information services market in the UK.

The service is being promoted on terrestrial analogue TV, Channel 4 Page 108 and will be available to Orange, 02 and Vodafone subscribers. To subscribe, users text in a trigger text on a short code and will be charged 25p per message and receive one message daily until they unsubscribe. Users will have the choice of subscribing to any of the five message categories:

  • Love and relationship
  • Diet tips
  • Motivation tips
  • Secrets to Success
  • Stress Buster

Susanne Mornan-Vaughan, Managing Director and Founder of inspireyourlife™, comments, “We are delighted to work with Teletext to extend the reach of their existing SMS services into the lifestyle space and tap into the market for female oriented SMS services. We look forward to implementing more innovative and creative SMS services with Teletext.”

Yaa Adjaye-Kufuor, Managing Director of SAYCON Ltd adds, “This demonstrates Teletext’s commitment to increasing their SMS services portfolio. There is an obvious increase in lifestyle TV programmes and magazines, and the flexibility of this technology lends itself to support these mediums. With Teletext, and this innovative SMS lifestyle service via inspireyourlife™, we are now able to encourage the population while they are on the move.”

Alex Hampson, Commercial Development - Mobile, Teletext Ltd, comments, “Teletext already offer a wide range of SMS alerts services with over 65,000 subscribers, predominantly focussing on sport. The lifestyle alerts launched in conjunction with inspireyourlife™ and SAYCON Ltd are part of our commitment to offer the massive range of information for which Teletext is known to mobile users in the UK. ”


----Notes to editors----

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the inspireyourlife™ team.

The media spokesperson for inspireyourlife™ is Susanne Mornan-Vaughan, Managing Director and Founder of inspireyourlife™

About inspireyourlife™

inspireyourlife™ is an exciting new SMS text messaging service is a lifestyle text messaging service that delivers encouragement, advice and support, catering for various aspects of your life. The service seeks to motivate and inspire people by delivering inspiring quotes and messages that can help boost confidence, self esteem and develop / maintain a positive mental attitude; making it easier to deal with the challenges of every day life.

The text messages are a compilation of motivational quotes / statements from renowned individuals such as Mother Teresa, Confucius and Aristotle; as well as authors and life style professionals such as life coaches.

About SAYCON ltd

Headquartered in Harley Street, London, Saycon Ltd is the Consulting Arm of inspireyourlife™. Saycon is one of the leading Mobile Concept Developers and Content Syndication Consultancy Firms. As part of its unique positioning, Saycon has the ability to bring together the key players in the mobile business value chain to provide a complete solution. This gives Saycon a level of independence to concentrate on mobile concept development and business development for content providers. 

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