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User-Lab to Host Web Accessibility Training 3

21 April 2004, London, UK

User-Lab to Host Web Accessibility Training 3

Birmingham Institute of Art and Design’s User-Lab Will Host a Web Accessibility Training Event Web Accessibility Training 3

On 19 May 2004, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design’s User-Lab will host a Web Accessibility Training event.

User-Lab is the leading user-centred design centre in The West Midlands. User-Lab hosts events and training aimed at digital media managers, designers and developers. User-Lab is providing Web Accessibility Training in conjunction with the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) and ECOTEC Research & Consulting The training will be of particular interest to health, local authorities, education and other public sector organisations.

The training event will feature a session outlining practical techniques to improve accessibility based on the RNIB’s Campaign for Good Web Design and the Web Accessibility Initiative’s (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) The WAI was established in 1997 by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to pursue and promote the accessibility of the Web through technology, guidelines and research. The event will also discuss the recent (14/04/04) Disability Rights Commission report ( highlighting 80% of public websites fail minimum standards for disabled web access.

In October 2001 the government amended the Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA) to oblige all service providers to take reasonable steps to change any practice which makes it ‘impossible or unreasonably difficult’ for disabled persons to make use of a service provided via the Web. This legislation affects private and public sector alike. In education, the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 (SENDA) has been introduced to include educational establishments that were previously exempt from the DDA.

In March the Disability Rights Commission announced a formal Investigation in Web accessibility. ‘One thousand websites will be investigated for their ability to be accessed by Britain’s 8.5 million disabled people in the Disability Rights Commission’s (DRC) first Formal Investigation, it was announced today’.

‘The investigation will break new ground in its breadth and depth. 1,000 web sites spanning the public and private sectors will be tested for basic compliance with recognised industry accessibility standards.

In addition, 50 disabled people will be involved in in-depth testing of a representative sample of these sites for practical usability. This work will help clarify the relationship between a site’s compliance with standards and its practical usability for disabled people’.

The training will provide tangible benefits for delegates:

  • Learn about Web accessibility
  • Develop skills and practical techniques to help make Web sites accessible
  • Discover how to implement accessibility guidelines appropriately and effectively
  • Evaluate sites’ compliance with accessibility guidelines using tools provided in a delegate pack
  • Understand the limitations of accessibility guidelines
  • Gain expert feedback on delegates’ Web sites in terms of accessibility and usability
  • Share experiences and best practice with other delegates and trainers

Feedback from Web Accessibility Training 2:

  • Relevance to your work: 78%
  • Acquisition of new knowledge: 66%
  • Usefulness of information: 75%
  • Expectations met: 66%

‘In practical terms, it will change the way I code pages’

‘The friendliness and approachability of all those involved was noted and I am grateful for that’


----Notes to editors----

Web Accessibility Training

Cost: £200.00 including VAT.
Contact: John Knight on +44 (0)121 331 7870 or visit

Book early to avoid disappointment.

This press release in available in PDF, plain text and Word formats. Photographs are available of the User-Lab team. The media spokesperson for User-Lab is John Knight, Usability Engineer.

About User-Lab

User-Lab is a not for profit user-centred design organisation based at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design

User-Lab is part of the Institute’s Research Department and is staffed by a multidisciplinary team with expertise in digital media design, human-computer interaction, psychology and software engineering.

In the last five years, User-Lab has been involved in a number of collaborative projects with RDAs, FEs, charities and the public and private sector. 

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