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WebtraffIQ delivers geo-location web analytics

WebtraffIQ delivers geo-location web analytics integrating offline and online measurement to cater for direct and digital advertising, marketing and PR

26 June 2003, London, UK ---- WebtraffIQ, the web analytics agency is now delivering geo-location measurement for a range of clients to measure advertising, marketing and PR campaigns for digital and traditional media.

The geo-location service was first developed in-house by WebtraffIQ in July 2002, but wasn’t fully tested until January 2003. WebtraffIQ released the service in February 2003 to a select few clients, and is now making it available to all their clients without upgrade charges, which was in line with WebtraffIQ’s ethical development policy. The real-time service provides the geographic location of any visitor to a microsite or website – drilling down to country, region, state, city and town - by mapping the Internet infrastructure of millions of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Kevin Hutchinson, CTO at WebtraffIQ explains, “We were aware the geo-location service would be a great offering to add to the existing WebtraffIQ suite quite some time ago. We were extremely patient ensuring that we fully tested this new feature before launching it to our clients.

We noticed new companies entering our market place just offering standalone geo-location services. It was clear that our system would be far more powerful than these with the added benefit of tying in ‘full’ campaign and sales metrics. Unlike many of our competitors who have ‘partnered’ with geo firms, we felt that there would be great value in doing this in-house and offering it to our clients without price restrictions and contractual limitations.“

The technology integrates off and online operations (i.e. print, radio, and television versus digital media) and is currently used to target online promotions to specific regions and offline marketing initiatives to online responses. In doing so, the client is able to analyse personalisation and website usability by displaying the quantity of users, and where they have originated. A client can easily change their activity and campaign to appeal to the highest common user.

Marcos Richardson, European Director at WebtraffIQ comments, “The benefit for website owners is the vast improvement in marketing and sales effectiveness, clearly demonstrating and calculating the return on investment (ROI). Clients may now review the geographical market place and monitor responses to local promotions off and online. The newly released service provides intelligence about user segments i.e. what proportion of people responded to a regional campaign. The geo-location service will appeal to a range of organisational departments from advertising and sales through to marketing and PR, because of the ability to learn even more about user behaviour in relation to their location and demographics.”

Paul Middleton, Senior eMarketing Executive from Reuters Business Insight, comments, “At Reuters Business Insight we were fascinated to see how WebtraffIQ were going to build geo-location into the web metrics suite that we are already using. We are pleased with the information and data that the new service delivers for us, and will be looking forward to tapping into its benefits when we launch our next regional integrated campaign.”

Hutchinson adds, “These latest developments empower our clients with even greater control and measurement across a range of media and mediums whether traditional, digital or a combinations of these. We continue to strive towards presenting our clients with a means to do more than merely measure campaigns and projects. This service is just one addition to many other initiatives we will be undertaking in 2003.”


----Notes to editors----

Photographs are available of the WebtraffIQ team.

The media spokespeople for WebtraffIQ are Marcos Richardson, European Director and Kevin Hutchinson, Chief Technical Officer (CTO).


  • Geographic location of Internet users (website visitors/email senders) in real time.
  • High accuracy (between 92-98%).
  • Almost one million separate data points are updated each month.
  • Developed for high-performance real time applications.

Web Applications:

  • Localisation of web content based on nationality or language of the user will increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Regionalise product attributes and messages, based on the location of each user
  • Determining a site visitor's location can define the products or services you display. Users see only what they can legally buy.
  • Pinpointing a user's location can ensure compliance with appropriate regulations.
  • A useful adjunct to a fraud-reduction strategy. Your customer's location can be compared with billing address.
  • Authorisation. Deny or allow access based on geographic location.

Email Applications:

  • Filtering email based on location of forwarding mail servers (Spam reduction)
  • Redirect email to the appropriate recipient according to nationality of the sender


About WebtraffIQ

WebtraffIQ is a real-time visitor tracking and reporting analysis product and service for business web sites and e-commerce enterprises. The system has undertaken a four-year research and development-testing period and is used by over 400 individual web sites.

WebtraffIQ provides a campaign tracking service which enables clients to see how various online and offline marketing techniques are working, in effect creating a rich picture of a web site's activities.

WebtraffIQ’s clients include: Business Link (Kent), City & Guilds, Eyetracker, Mando Group, Perceptor, Reuters Business Insight, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and Tiscali UK.

Tags: web analytics, web monitoring, web measurement, website measurement, real-time measurement, Geo-location