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WebtraffIQ usability testing and study incorporated into website re-design

WebtraffIQ re-designs website directly in line with customer demands, after a combination of web traffic analysis and email form tracking

05 September 2002, London, UK ---- WebtraffIQ the web analytics organisation has redesigned its website after a customer study and analysis using its online usability testing. WebtraffIQ sent out their questionnaire via email in February 2002, requesting feedback from over 300 current customers, in order to build a better website, client intranet and extranet.

After a combination of the email questionnaire, email tagging, web traffic analysis and form tracking, it was found that customers had important direct comments to make with regards to sectioned usability within the website. In addition to this there was also an online conditioned response, which directly corresponded with written comments from clients.

From their studies it was decided that the new WebtraffIQ re-development should focus on accessibility and usability. The starting point for this qualified and quantified redevelopment came from changing the look and feel of the reports directly in line with customer thinking - which was brighter, more colourful and a larger presentation of results and statistics. Concurrently by tracking online usability patterns, it was noticed that the more easily to see WebtraffIQ report graphs had a higher average percentage of usage.

Further analysis revealed that the majority of WebtraffIQ’s visitors are its members/customers. They took priority in the decision to make member sign-in a prominent and separate segment of the homepage, and were a key factor in the ordering of the drop down menu/site navigation that fell in line with 60% member users whom navigated the site in a specific way.

After the Welcome (Index page – and title on the drop down menu) support was needed for customer questions and help. New users entered by the welcome page and tended to be interested in company location, contact numbers and names.

Marcos Richardson, European Director at WebtraffIQ explains, “A combination of WebtraffIQ filters and various reports were taken into consideration for our website redevelopment and redesign. So far, it has proven to create a cleaner website that visitors are now navigating through much more easily. It is a case of practising what you preach, because our software provides website owners with in-depth information enabling them to map and monitor visitor activity, so they can make necessary changes for increased efficiency and stickiness. It would be insane not to implement this for our own website.”

Kevin Hutchinson CTO at WebtraffIQ, comments, “From our analysis we found that the same users that tended to go directly to contact as a second choice were inclined to look at the WebtraffIQ client list as third choice. We presumed that they were either a prospect interested in client endorsement, or an industry competitor. After matching and filtering IP numbers we were able to subtract competitive snooping from genuine sales opportunities.

Richardson adds, “The success of the new website redesign can be seen by the increased website individual page view times (stickiness) and increased second and third page viewing. It’s an on-going process and as we develop the website to incorporate additional features and track user movements, we will be modifying the structure accordingly.”


----Notes to editors----

Photographs are available of the WebtraffIQ team.

The media spokespeople for WebtraffIQ are Marcos Richardson, European Director and Kevin Hutchinson, Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

About WebtraffIQ

WebtraffIQ is a real-time visitor tracking and reporting analysis product and service for business web sites and e-commerce enterprises. The system has undertaken a four-year research and development-testing period and is used by over 400 individual web sites.

WebtraffIQ provides a campaign tracking service which enables clients to see how various online and offline marketing techniques are working, in effect creating a rich picture of a web site's activities.

WebtraffIQ’s clients include: Business Link (Kent), City & Guilds, Eyetracker, Mando Group, Perceptor, Reuters Business Insight, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and Tiscali UK.

Tags: web design, web re-design, web analytics, web monitoring, web measurement, website measurement, web metrics, real-time measurement