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Tim Gibbon

Tim Gibbon is the director of communications consultancy Elemental, which he founded in 2001.

After graduating from the School of Journalism at UCLAN and working as a print and radio journalist, Tim moved into media roles at digital marketing agencies.  For more than a decade he has worked with evolving digital marketing and media embracing the latest developments such as social media.

Tim works with a variety of organisations including agencies, global brands, niche businesses, media outlets, start-ups and SMEs.  

His expertise includes integrating media and marketing into emerging digital channels for B2B, B2C and P2P audiences to drive awareness, brand loyalty, love and/or sales. He has proven experience effectively communicating the correct messages into the right channels whether they are above, below and through-the-line marketing.

Tim co-founded the Social Media Portal (SMP), a news and information directory mapping social networks globally in September 2007.

He is a regular guest speaker at well-known industry events and columnist for trade magazines including Blue Skies, Marketing Donut, Technorati and The Huffington Post.  He is often asked for industry comment on media and marketing issues for a range of business publications.

Some of his articles may be found on the Elemental blog, and at SMP. Visit Elemental’s creds and showreel to learn more about the campaigns that Tim manages.

Tim likes to spin old school tunes on his decks.

Tags: Elemental, online pr, social media, digital marketing, social media marketing