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Rob Walk, managing director

20 Jun 2002

Since April 2001, Elemental provided public relations consulting for DP&A Digital before our re-branding as NovaRising, a digital marketing agency. For DP&A Digital, Elemental was able to secure speaking engagements at high level seminars and conferences. They also achieved both online and traditional press coverage for us in relevant and targeted marketing publications.

Elemental assisted in the soft-launch of NovaRising and has been retained by us since March 2002. Thus far, we have gotten great feature press coverage within our target media publications. Elemental also regularly tracks and reports to us relevant industry information. Because of Elemental's immense experience and knowledge of online PR channels, they have been able to identify significant press leads generally not visible to most PR firms. For NovaRising, this translates to increased visibility.

After working with Elemental since March 2002, we have now decided to retain them for a much longer period of time.

We are extremely impressed with their ability to integrate the public relations mix into many of the mediums that we work with, and are looking forward to expanding our relationship in the future.

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